Tips When Taking Azul Linhas Aereas

Being the third largest airline in Brazil, Azul Linhas Aereas is one of the top picks not only of local Brazilians but also of foreign tourists who desire to roam Brazil from north to south. Their affordable airfares, constant flight deals and promos, and spacious cabins make them very popular for people who need to travel across the country.

If you want to maximize your flight experience when taking Azul passagens aereas, here are some tips that you should consider:
  • Make Use of their Blue Bus – One of the great things that this airline offers is their Blue Bus. This easy and hassle-free transportation will directly bring you to their airport. Expect that this trip is exclusive, comfortable, and very cheap.
  • Purchase Tickets from Authorized Platforms – When it comes to ticket reservation and purchasing, the airline is encouraging all of its passengers to make this transactions with authorized platforms only. These platforms include their official call centers, desks located in their airports, travel agencies as well as retail stores. If it happens that you receive e-mails regarding airfare, disregard them immediately since they are not sending any of this information via electronic mail.
  • Make Your Early Reservation – Lastly, it is highly suggested to make your flight ticket reservation now for linhas aereas Azul since the Yuletide season is just months away. Expect that when you purchase tickets within this season, the price is extremely higher than the usual. So it will be a wise decision to make your reservations early for you to save a lot of money.

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